About Marchezie

LG Marchezie embodies the personal style and spirit of its founder Linda Goodman.Linda's love for jewelry and accessories began at an early age when she received her first sterling silver necklace from her father. Her passion for fashion jewelry evolved when she worked as a sales associate in the fashion jewelry department for retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy's, and Haynes. It was then that she learned of a variety of metal finishes, stones, and crystals, as well as the various components encompassed in jewelry. Inspired by fashion and design, Linda decided to answer to her creative calling and began designing and creating jewelry by hand. In 2010 LG Marchezie (pronounced Mar-kay-zee), was established. Linda’s handcrafted collections are created in her studio, using a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, as well as ethically sourced bone, horn, and wood. This mix, coupled with a variety of metal finishes and other elements, allows Linda to present quality collections that are modern and multi-functional. "All of my pieces incorporate some element of nature, whether its pearl, stone, crystals, bone, horn, or wood, to create bold, modern, eclectic, statement jewelry." Linda strives to support charitable initiatives such as Diabetes research. Through each piece of jewelry sold, she contributes annually to research. Linda is committed to bringing social awareness to the community by creating opulence that makes a difference.